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    Online Dating Turn On’s and Turn Off’s Exposed

    A recent Tinder survey asked it’s most popular users what turned them on, and what turned them off, when using the popular swipe app.  While I opt to spend more time on sites like Adultfriendfinder and Fuckbook, I do have an account at Tinder and I swipe thoroughly, in hopes of finding some action there.  I felt this article was a good thing to assist you all out there when you craft the perfect online dating profile!

    Do’s and Don’ts With Your Online Dating Profile

    As we all know, first impressions are very important in life.  Whether it’s dating, business, or meeting a loved one’s family for the first time, an opinion is formulated within mere seconds after the first encounter.  On dating apps, you have to make a good first impression.  This means your bio must be tight, your pictures done right, and well, your whole message is basically a sales pitch selling yourself, so let’s make sure you know what people are saying about what’s a turn on, and what’s a turn off, when it comes to profiles.

    These people were interviewed by Tinder, (resource link here) and they all hold expert status on the popular swipe app, and they agree on one thing:  take the time to fill out your bio with substantial information!

    Here is a summary of their quotes, along with my advice underneath each quote:

    My biggest Tinder turn-on would be someone who appears to be happy and confident.

    This comment from Jordan, 28, went on to elaborate that many men don’t smile in their photos, let alone show their teeth.  If you look happy, you are more attractive.  Look for a photo of yourself SMILING, and this will go a long way towards establishing trust.

    As a man, I hate when women use snapchat filters.  Like, hey, I want to see you, not what you want yourself to look like.  Filters hide a lot, and distort the real picture.

    I can get past anything else (sloppy pictures, questionable music taste, etc.) if someone can impress me with their bio.

    Gerald, 27, is clearly someone who does more reading instead of browsing. While I’d say I’m the opposite, (swipe first, read later) I do agree that if there isn’t a connection or common hobby, there isn’t a lot of reason to continue trying to talk to that person.  A lack of bio sucks, and I agree with Gerald on that.

    My biggest Tinder turn-on is when a person looks like they are truly enjoying themselves in their photos and they aren’t taking Tinder too seriously.

    Christina, at age 22, is already at expert status on Tinder?  I will just let that marinate for a minute, because in my opinion, no matter how long she’s been on the app, she doesn’t know much about life at 22.  I think the problem with Christina’s comment, and I’m totally generalizing here, is that people her age don’t take very much seriously.  I could respect her take if she was in her upper 20’s and was looking for someone in that age bracket, but let’s be real, at 22, your still a kid, and if you want to take things seriously and eventually settle down, Tinder isn’t for you.

    People listing negative things such as ‘no time wasters,’ or ‘no drama’ only suggest that the person writing them is both a time-waster and will be hurling plates across the room within an hour.

    Adam, 32, hits the nail right on the head with this one. I could not agree more.  People who preach this crap have their own issues.  Next!

    I Like or Nope based on the amount of pictures.

    Ryan, 26, goes on to say that if someone has only one pic, they really don’t want to be on Tinder.  I agree with Ryan as well.  Either come and show us what ya got, or stay out of the game.  Good take, Ryan.

    If all of the photos are face only, I always Nope.

    Kevin, 29, I agree with you as well. Show a body pic and some skin, am I right?

    I may not be perfect, but I will guarantee that if you follow this advice here, you’ll have a better experience with your quest to find romance online.

    Anyone else have any comments to add?  I’d love to hear them in the space below.