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    Why are Tacos Being Mentioned So Much on Dating Apps?

    On dating apps like Tinder, tacos are all the rage.  If you use Tinder, you probably know why. If you don’t, well, today I’ll do my best to share why tacos are becoming more than an emoji for the delicious Mexican meal.

    Why Tacos are Symbolizing Personalities in the Dating World

    taco platter

    People have become infatuated with tacos for their ease to prepare, their affordability, and of course, their taste.  When the Mexican Revolution brought over the rolled tortillas with them to the United States, they have become so popular that you’ll be hard pressed to find a town in the USA that does not sell them.  You’ll find little hole in the wall taqueria’s, all the way to fancy, eclectic, “let’s see how much we can charge you for a margarita” type establishments.  (See:  Rocco’s Tacos.)

    “I’m just here for the tacos,”

    Is what you can find from a City living 20 or 30 year old on the popular dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge.  Other people use their profile to say “I’ll take you to the best taco joint in town.”

    Some even ask the question “Tacos or Quesadillas.”

    People are connecting, thanks to this simple,  yet messy, Mexican dish.  Amazing times we are living in, right?

    The thought process behind this swelling phenom is that most people like tacos, so why not make a connection that you know they will like?  I mean, it’s like pizza, only a bit more healthy, I guess?

    Whether the “Taco Game” is working for guys on Tinder, or any other dating app or website, is beyond me.  But hey, whatever will drop the panties works for me.  I know that where I choose to date, sites like AFF, you don’t need to even think about mentioning food, because those types of websites are all about straight sex.  What is better than that?  For me, nothing.

    Oh, the thrill of the hunt.  How has it somehow, some way, got intertwined with Mexican food?  I guess we’ll never know, but so be it.