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The days of heading to the bar or club to find singles for sex has long gone. Now you can do the same and get better results over the internet. Since the inception of smartphones, the dating scene has only been improved through technology. Now you have the power to score dates, one night stands, orgies and much more in your palms.

If you are new to this online dating scene, you may probably be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options available. Since online dating has become quite popular to find local flings, there are now more and more applications and dating websites as an option to take.

Dating Sites

With so many options, it is sometimes hard to decide which one to go for, this is why we have listed few of the top dating applications (which also have a website) in this post.


Blendr is kind of a social networking application for adults. It is free for both Android and iOS. It was specifically created to cater requests from horny women who wanted to have sex but it has now become a place for both men and women to find love and sex. Blendr sets itself apart from other applications by allowing you to set status updates much like Facebook with complete location updates.


Tinder is without any doubt king of dating applications on smartphones these days. It is widely used by adults to find sex, love and romance. No matter what you are looking for, no matter what your preferences are, you are bound to find someone to hook up with on this app. Tinder lets you search for hot adults in a nearby area so you can also meet with them when you finally get to know each other better through the app.


If you are more of an action oriented person, than you should go for the Pure app. The pure app takes away the need to text the other person, making sure that everyone on the app is guaranteed a hookup. Also it has a large list of singles that are only and only there for instant hookups. Pure also gives you a lot of privacy. You can upload all of your hot and naked pictures if you want and no one will be able to get their hands on it.



Dan DaSilva is a self-claimed "adrenaline junkie" who likes the rush of dating because "each woman is a new challenge and adventure." He often provides commentary on PUA forums and shares his views on dating websites on this website.

One Comment

  • Victoria Tegg

    “Teenagers are naturally going to swamp to the more “”adult”” sites out there

    Oi, this was always a concern I had and one of the reasons why I was very choosy about who I chatted with back in the IRC days. The owners of the server and the room admins really tried hard to keep that stuff down, the OPs had a few secondary accounts that’s whole purpose was to bust creepers looking for minors and ban them, while also busting minors who tried to pretend to be older and tossing them out too. The other thing they tried to do was keep logs of the main rooms and do scans of any privately made rooms to see if they recognized any known problem users or terms that sent up red flags.

    I had one user over a few nights that would try to flirt with me a lot, and it weirded not just me but a few others as well where several times I had to tell her to please stop talking to me. It was stuff that stuck out, things she should know for her age but she didn’t, little behavior quirks and just acting like the way someone young would think someone older should act. Eventually she got nailed admitting she was actually 16 and got banned for being a minor.

    Part of me is glad I wasn’t a teen when I first started using the net, I’m terrified I’d been naive enough to think I was meeting another woman who would help me out with coming out of the closet to my parents, and instead wind up in some creeps kidnap van.”

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