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    Dating Tips

    Online Dating Turn On’s and Turn Off’s Exposed

    A recent Tinder survey asked it’s most popular users what turned them on, and what turned them off, when using the popular swipe app.  While I opt to spend more time on sites like Adultfriendfinder and Fuckbook, I do have an account at Tinder and I swipe thoroughly, in hopes of finding some action there.  I felt this article was a good thing to assist you all out there when you craft the perfect online dating profile!

    Do’s and Don’ts With Your Online Dating Profile

    As we all know, first impressions are very important in life.  Whether it’s dating, business, or meeting a loved one’s family for the first time, an opinion is formulated within mere seconds after the first encounter.  On dating apps, you have to make a good first impression.  This means your bio must be tight, your pictures done right, and well, your whole message is basically a sales pitch selling yourself, so let’s make sure you know what people are saying about what’s a turn on, and what’s a turn off, when it comes to profiles.

    These people were interviewed by Tinder, (resource link here) and they all hold expert status on the popular swipe app, and they agree on one thing:  take the time to fill out your bio with substantial information!

    Here is a summary of their quotes, along with my advice underneath each quote:

    My biggest Tinder turn-on would be someone who appears to be happy and confident.

    This comment from Jordan, 28, went on to elaborate that many men don’t smile in their photos, let alone show their teeth.  If you look happy, you are more attractive.  Look for a photo of yourself SMILING, and this will go a long way towards establishing trust.

    As a man, I hate when women use snapchat filters.  Like, hey, I want to see you, not what you want yourself to look like.  Filters hide a lot, and distort the real picture.

    I can get past anything else (sloppy pictures, questionable music taste, etc.) if someone can impress me with their bio.

    Gerald, 27, is clearly someone who does more reading instead of browsing. While I’d say I’m the opposite, (swipe first, read later) I do agree that if there isn’t a connection or common hobby, there isn’t a lot of reason to continue trying to talk to that person.  A lack of bio sucks, and I agree with Gerald on that.

    My biggest Tinder turn-on is when a person looks like they are truly enjoying themselves in their photos and they aren’t taking Tinder too seriously.

    Christina, at age 22, is already at expert status on Tinder?  I will just let that marinate for a minute, because in my opinion, no matter how long she’s been on the app, she doesn’t know much about life at 22.  I think the problem with Christina’s comment, and I’m totally generalizing here, is that people her age don’t take very much seriously.  I could respect her take if she was in her upper 20’s and was looking for someone in that age bracket, but let’s be real, at 22, your still a kid, and if you want to take things seriously and eventually settle down, Tinder isn’t for you.

    People listing negative things such as ‘no time wasters,’ or ‘no drama’ only suggest that the person writing them is both a time-waster and will be hurling plates across the room within an hour.

    Adam, 32, hits the nail right on the head with this one. I could not agree more.  People who preach this crap have their own issues.  Next!

    I Like or Nope based on the amount of pictures.

    Ryan, 26, goes on to say that if someone has only one pic, they really don’t want to be on Tinder.  I agree with Ryan as well.  Either come and show us what ya got, or stay out of the game.  Good take, Ryan.

    If all of the photos are face only, I always Nope.

    Kevin, 29, I agree with you as well. Show a body pic and some skin, am I right?

    I may not be perfect, but I will guarantee that if you follow this advice here, you’ll have a better experience with your quest to find romance online.

    Anyone else have any comments to add?  I’d love to hear them in the space below.

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    Dating Site Reviews

    Well Hello Dating Site is a Complete Scam

    Some of you may be visiting my site about meet and fuck apps for the first time, and if you are, welcome!  I try to keep adult oriented dating sites honest, and today, well, I’m sorry to report but there is a site I have to say is far from honest, and that’s Well Hello.  Please continue reading to find out just what I uncovered and know that I’m not the only one who has dug deep to get this information that is very disturbing.

    My Well Hello Review Uncovers all the Gory Details

    WellHello is a dating site for singles and swingers who are looking for people to get down with.  When you visit the site for the first time you’ll see that right on the front page there are gorgeous ladies, which always lands a few suckers and gets them to sign up.

    I’ll also note, there are some “dating review sites” that talk super good about their experiences on this site.  Don’t believe them for a second.  They are simply shilling for them and trying to get you to sign up for the site since they are affiliated.

    When a site advertises that it’s free to sign up I’m always one of the eager guys to take a shot and see what’s happening on the inside.  Why not, right?

    I got going on this site and created my profile, and what do you know, some messages from gorgeous women started to flow in!  This gave me a semi hard-on at first, but as I kept using the site, I was starting to question the authenticity of these overtures.  These women seemed out of my league, but hey, again, I started thinking with my penis rather than my brain, which is actually college educated and one that earns me quite a bit of money in the IT field.

    Suffice to say, none of these overtures led to anything.  No texting, no phone number exchanges, no meet ups for hot and steamy sex.  Sure, there COULD be some real women on this website, but this experience does not lead me to believe that to be true.  I was being played like a fiddle in the band.  Either my return messages would be ignored, or they would come back with some over the top message, often with mis-spelled words and bad grammar, that it just led me to say “What the f*ck?”

    Clearly, this site has some sort of offshore set up where they create profiles to flood you with fake messages.  How they think smart men like myself won’t know this is a hoax when they refuse to meet up or exchange numbers with me just baffles me.  They talk about “Love Hostesses” in their features section, and if this is what they are referring to, I have to say that’s a bit of legal jargon designed to not be read and dissected, because it basically tells you they are out to tease you with these fake accounts!  (I’m not a detective, but prove me wrong, someone.)

    I don’t even know if I ran into a “real account.”

    Disclaimer: I did not sign up for the full membership.  I figured, why waste money when I was so sour to begin with?

    Why I Say to Avoid WellHello.com

    I was inundated with messages, and like they say, quality is better than quantity.  That definitely fits into the online dating space as well.  Sure, it was a free roll, per say, but a big waste of time.

    I didn’t get this far, but some other person from another blog did, and he was kind enough to post this exchange of OVER THE TOP messages from women, supposedly, from Well Hello. To me, this is as fake as they come!

    Well Hello Fake Messages

    Lack of Phone Conversation

    Again, this is where this site fails. I’ve joined many sites, and always exchanged numbers with women.  This site was the exception.  Clearly, something is whacky here – do women who join this site simply not have phones?  I think not….

    What I Found Around the Web

    Putting on my P.I. hat, I went off and found out what other people were saying about Well Hello.  Was I the only one who felt bad?

    Sure, as I mentioned above, I ran into some sites that talked about it being the most magical thing ever created since the automobile.

    However, the majority of the honest-looking sites that talk about the dating space rated it a solid “F,” for FAIL.

    I like to give credibility to the sites that have good reviews, average reviews, and bad reviews.  This way I know they have opinions, and not just paid or influenced opinions.

    So, let’s get to some facts I found around the web:

    • This site will cost $119.40 for a year.
    • 24 hour access is only $1.00.  However, that only allows you to get those what I feel were “fake” messages.

    Lack of First Dates

    Again, no sites out there that I gave an ounce of credibility to said they met women on this site.  Geez!

    Shady Billing Methods

    One guy pointed out all the ways this website goes about trying to scam it’s users.

    The $1 trial is the one that got the most mentions, so I’ll start there.

    They charge $1 for a 1 day trial.  You’ll see that the charge on your credit card comes from YOMEM.com, and that will continue to show up for $39.95 monthly until you quit that subscription.  There was also a mention of a hidden charge for a 2 day trial period of VIPWEBPASSPORT.com, and that also shows up on your billing for $39.95.  How they stick these things into the small print amazes me.

    It’s also reported that there is another trial for CheekyDates at $1 that rebills for $39.99 every month.  I mean, where does this stop?  Can this be true?

    They must have many suckers who don’t manage their money closely.  

    It’s been reported that this is the billing company’s information, for those who may be looking for a way to cancel these charges.

    Industrial Thyme Inc.
    845 Third Avenue
    6th floor
    Manhattan, New York 10022
    Customer Service (1-888-795-4601)

    All in all, there are better places to meet horny women.  My favorite is this website, but you can also go to my home page and see another one that has worked for me.  In fact, you are better off meeting women locally for flings than wasting your money on this crappy site.


    Special shout out to these resources for helping me compile additional information for this Well Hello Review.


    (The above site shows you how to delete your well hello account.)

    Deceitful Tricks Of WellHello.com Exposed (REVIEW)

    (This site has a very well written review.)

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    Dating News

    Why are Tacos Being Mentioned So Much on Dating Apps?

    On dating apps like Tinder, tacos are all the rage.  If you use Tinder, you probably know why. If you don’t, well, today I’ll do my best to share why tacos are becoming more than an emoji for the delicious Mexican meal.

    Why Tacos are Symbolizing Personalities in the Dating World

    taco platter

    People have become infatuated with tacos for their ease to prepare, their affordability, and of course, their taste.  When the Mexican Revolution brought over the rolled tortillas with them to the United States, they have become so popular that you’ll be hard pressed to find a town in the USA that does not sell them.  You’ll find little hole in the wall taqueria’s, all the way to fancy, eclectic, “let’s see how much we can charge you for a margarita” type establishments.  (See:  Rocco’s Tacos.)

    “I’m just here for the tacos,”

    Is what you can find from a City living 20 or 30 year old on the popular dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge.  Other people use their profile to say “I’ll take you to the best taco joint in town.”

    Some even ask the question “Tacos or Quesadillas.”

    People are connecting, thanks to this simple,  yet messy, Mexican dish.  Amazing times we are living in, right?

    The thought process behind this swelling phenom is that most people like tacos, so why not make a connection that you know they will like?  I mean, it’s like pizza, only a bit more healthy, I guess?

    Whether the “Taco Game” is working for guys on Tinder, or any other dating app or website, is beyond me.  But hey, whatever will drop the panties works for me.  I know that where I choose to date, sites like AFF, you don’t need to even think about mentioning food, because those types of websites are all about straight sex.  What is better than that?  For me, nothing.

    Oh, the thrill of the hunt.  How has it somehow, some way, got intertwined with Mexican food?  I guess we’ll never know, but so be it.

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    Dating Site Reviews

    Is AdultFriendFinder a Scam Dating Site?

    In our quest to find the perfect adult dating website, we decided to investigate AdultFriendFinder.com. The reason we investigated the site is because a lot of you asked us to check the legitimacy of the site, as it shows up on many people’s lists of dating sites for adults, and to be frank, Adult Friend Finder reviews are quite mixed.

    As with all dating websites, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind that immediately help you detect if a site is trying to scam you. With AFF, as most people call it, we found a couple of these factors and we would like to show them to you.

    Why Is AFF’s Authenticity Subject to a Formal Review?

    AdultFriendFinder is one of the oldest and biggest adult dating websites of our time. But it doesn’t mean the site is free from scams and should be trusted just because they have longevity. Here are some of the reasons that easily tell the intent of the people behind this iconic dating site for adults.

    You Can’t Do Anything Unless You Pay

    Most adult dating websites out there today let you test the site before you become a paid member. AdultFriendFinder, on the other hand, does not let you do anything until you pay a subscription fee of at least $25.95 for a month. Other subscriptions include $59.80 for 3 months and $179.10 for a year.  Read more about that on SexDatingApps.com.  They really give an in-depth report on what your options for joining AFF are.

    As soon as we opened the site, it took us to a subscription page where we were asked to pay upfront. We skipped this step and tried testing the site out. But when we tried to do anything such as get in touch with a woman on the site or open an incoming message, we were taken back to the subscription page. In short, you can’t do anything on the site unless you become a fully paid member.

    We can only wonder why AdultFriendFinder is hiding their services and does not allow people to test it?

    Sort of reluctantly, (more on that later) – we signed-up anyway to see what was inside.  If you want to do the same, you can do so here – Join Adult Friend Finder.  We do encourage you to keep reading, however, so you know 100% what you are getting into.

    Messages Started Flooding in Immediately After Sign-Up

    adult friend finder
    This is from their home page. Is it too good to be true? Maybe.

    We have tried and tested quite a few adult dating websites in the past and whenever we start receiving messages from hot women immediately after we sign up, there is a very good chance that the site is full of fake accounts.  This is like the biggest takeaway between all the big scam sites out there that they seem to have in common, the overwhelming amount of messages from fake accounts.

    If you’ve ever used a legitimate online dating website, you should already know that it takes a lot of effort to grab the attention of women on the site. You need to have a solid profile photo and a good message to get someone’s attention. But when you sign-up on AdultFriendFinder, suddenly every woman finds you attractive and starts sending in messages.  It’s like what it must feel like being Zack Efron on Tinder, know what I mean?

    Too Many Women in Nearby Areas

    Another huge giveaway of fake profiles on the site is that you’ll see a lot of women near your area immediately you sign-up. Are these women actually real? Quite likely no. The profiles you see in an area near you are nearly always fake and auto-generated. Sometimes, the site members also act as affiliate marketers who create profiles in such a way that they appear to be living next to you or in a very nearby area.

    Once you start talking to them, they tend to force you to upgrade your subscription. They may even try to sell you other things or just plain get money out of your pocket. This is exactly what we experienced when we tried contacting one of the women who was supposedly living near by our location.

    In simple words, if you sign-up on a site and it shows you hundreds of women living very near you, they are most likely fake profiles.

    However, we must say that in this experience, things were a bit different.  It was quite a shocking ordeal, but after the few fake messages came in, and we decided that for the love of blogging, we wanted to really join this site and see what it was all about.

    So we did.  We joined, we used Duane’s (one of our editors) real pics and just gave it the old college try.

    Low and behold, after two days of some fake-looking messages, the real inquiries came in.  As a full fledged member and having access to all of the tools the members have, we must say this site is robust, full of options, and has a large member base.  It’s perhaps a bit inflated with SOME fake profiles – not too many – but there are some – and that’s expected with the sheer size of this site, but we had genuine outreach from local ladies and yes, it’s only been 4 weeks, but we have got our boy Duane laid once.

    So, horny women DO EXIST on AFF!  It’s confirmed, this site is NOT a scam.

    If you don’t believe me, get one of their cheapest packages here – AdultFriendFinder.


    In this site’s case, it is nearly impossible to do anything unless you are a fully paid member.  However, once you are a fully paid member, you get to use a lot of fun options that will lead to your ultimate goal of meeting horny women for sex.  This isn’t the case with every adult dating site, and many are pure scams.  In this case, you have to whip out your wallet and buck up, but once you do, if you play your cards right, you can win with Adult Friend Finder dating.

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    Hooking UP

    How to Find Members on Fling.com

    Ever wondered why it is so hard to find a fling on the internet, despite the fact that there are millions of women on adult dating websites looking for a casual fling?

    This site was created to address the question – is Fuckbook Real?

    However, there are many more sites other than Fuckbook, so we’ll be attacking those points as well to show you how people fare looking for members on sites like, say Fling.com.

    Can You Find Online Flings Easily?



    click to join now

    A recent report on casual hookups and online flings revealed that as many as 80% of people never manage to find a fling, hookup, or sex through the internet. Why do you think this is?

    In my experience, it is quite simple. Being on the internet does not give you the license to be an asshole. Unfortunately, people who tend to use online dating website, are nothing short of rude pricks who think their the best in the world.

    Finding a fling on the internet is a lot like finding a fling inside a bar, library, or a gym. The only difference is that you aren’t there physically to talk to someone, instead, you do it through messages.

    Speaking of messages, this is where most of the people lack skills in. You see, messaging someone with the right choice of words, and purpose determines how successful your conversation becomes.

    If you expect to receive a reply from a woman who you did not even greet properly, how can you think of finding a fling? So before you sign up on adult dating websites, learn how to be courteous because that is the most important part.

    Messaging the right way is the key to finding members online at fling.com.   For example, when I message a woman, I don’t just say ‘Hi’ and wait for them to magically respond to it. I put in a lot of effort.

    I visit their profile and try to find stuff that I can relate with. Once I have found something relatable, I use that to get in touch with the women. This method has worked wonders for me.

    Instead of saying hi, try and find something about the woman through her profile and use that as a catalyst in your message.

    Add in clever compliments and avoid being cliche when you send your first message and watch how they respond to you. If you want to take things a bit further, try and explain why you think she is the one for you. Again, make good use of her profile and then try to use that info as much as you can to take your conversation to the next level.

    Another thing you need to be careful about is your own profile. Just remember one thing, when you message someone on fling sites, they have the ability to view your profile before deciding to talk to you. So have a very attractive profile with an excellent profile photo.

    Your profile photo will play a very important part in attracting someone, so make sure that it is something you are proud of. If possible share the profile photo with some of your female friends to get an opinion. Remember, the first impression is everything. Your first message combined with a good profile photo almost always get you laid.

    If you’re interested in testing the waters (which I suggest doing) then give the green button below a click and get to the uncensored dating action!

    join Fling banner

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    Dating Site Reviews

    Best Place To Find Local Flings

    The days of heading to the bar or club to find singles for sex has long gone. Now you can do the same and get better results over the internet. Since the inception of smartphones, the dating scene has only been improved through technology. Now you have the power to score dates, one night stands, orgies and much more in your palms.

    If you are new to this online dating scene, you may probably be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options available. Since online dating has become quite popular to find local flings, there are now more and more applications and dating websites as an option to take.

    Dating Sites

    With so many options, it is sometimes hard to decide which one to go for, this is why we have listed few of the top dating applications (which also have a website) in this post.


    Blendr is kind of a social networking application for adults. It is free for both Android and iOS. It was specifically created to cater requests from horny women who wanted to have sex but it has now become a place for both men and women to find love and sex. Blendr sets itself apart from other applications by allowing you to set status updates much like Facebook with complete location updates.


    Tinder is without any doubt king of dating applications on smartphones these days. It is widely used by adults to find sex, love and romance. No matter what you are looking for, no matter what your preferences are, you are bound to find someone to hook up with on this app. Tinder lets you search for hot adults in a nearby area so you can also meet with them when you finally get to know each other better through the app.


    If you are more of an action oriented person, than you should go for the Pure app. The pure app takes away the need to text the other person, making sure that everyone on the app is guaranteed a hookup. Also it has a large list of singles that are only and only there for instant hookups. Pure also gives you a lot of privacy. You can upload all of your hot and naked pictures if you want and no one will be able to get their hands on it.