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Is AdultFriendFinder a Scam Dating Site?

In our quest to find the perfect adult dating website, we decided to investigate The reason we investigated the site is because a lot of you asked us to check the legitimacy of the site, as it shows up on many people’s lists of dating sites for adults, and to be frank, Adult Friend Finder reviews are quite mixed.

As with all dating websites, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind that immediately help you detect if a site is trying to scam you. With AFF, as most people call it, we found a couple of these factors and we would like to show them to you.

Why Is AFF’s Authenticity Subject to a Formal Review?

AdultFriendFinder is one of the oldest and biggest adult dating websites of our time. But it doesn’t mean the site is free from scams and should be trusted just because they have longevity. Here are some of the reasons that easily tell the intent of the people behind this iconic dating site for adults.

You Can’t Do Anything Unless You Pay

Most adult dating websites out there today let you test the site before you become a paid member. AdultFriendFinder, on the other hand, does not let you do anything until you pay a subscription fee of at least $25.95 for a month. Other subscriptions include $59.80 for 3 months and $179.10 for a year.  Read more about that on  They really give an in-depth report on what your options for joining AFF are.

As soon as we opened the site, it took us to a subscription page where we were asked to pay upfront. We skipped this step and tried testing the site out. But when we tried to do anything such as get in touch with a woman on the site or open an incoming message, we were taken back to the subscription page. In short, you can’t do anything on the site unless you become a fully paid member.

We can only wonder why AdultFriendFinder is hiding their services and does not allow people to test it?

Sort of reluctantly, (more on that later) – we signed-up anyway to see what was inside.  If you want to do the same, you can do so here – Join Adult Friend Finder.  We do encourage you to keep reading, however, so you know 100% what you are getting into.

Messages Started Flooding in Immediately After Sign-Up

adult friend finder
This is from their home page. Is it too good to be true? Maybe.

We have tried and tested quite a few adult dating websites in the past and whenever we start receiving messages from hot women immediately after we sign up, there is a very good chance that the site is full of fake accounts.  This is like the biggest takeaway between all the big scam sites out there that they seem to have in common, the overwhelming amount of messages from fake accounts.

If you’ve ever used a legitimate online dating website, you should already know that it takes a lot of effort to grab the attention of women on the site. You need to have a solid profile photo and a good message to get someone’s attention. But when you sign-up on AdultFriendFinder, suddenly every woman finds you attractive and starts sending in messages.  It’s like what it must feel like being Zack Efron on Tinder, know what I mean?

Too Many Women in Nearby Areas

Another huge giveaway of fake profiles on the site is that you’ll see a lot of women near your area immediately you sign-up. Are these women actually real? Quite likely no. The profiles you see in an area near you are nearly always fake and auto-generated. Sometimes, the site members also act as affiliate marketers who create profiles in such a way that they appear to be living next to you or in a very nearby area.

Once you start talking to them, they tend to force you to upgrade your subscription. They may even try to sell you other things or just plain get money out of your pocket. This is exactly what we experienced when we tried contacting one of the women who was supposedly living near by our location.

In simple words, if you sign-up on a site and it shows you hundreds of women living very near you, they are most likely fake profiles.

However, we must say that in this experience, things were a bit different.  It was quite a shocking ordeal, but after the few fake messages came in, and we decided that for the love of blogging, we wanted to really join this site and see what it was all about.

So we did.  We joined, we used Duane’s (one of our editors) real pics and just gave it the old college try.

Low and behold, after two days of some fake-looking messages, the real inquiries came in.  As a full fledged member and having access to all of the tools the members have, we must say this site is robust, full of options, and has a large member base.  It’s perhaps a bit inflated with SOME fake profiles – not too many – but there are some – and that’s expected with the sheer size of this site, but we had genuine outreach from local ladies and yes, it’s only been 4 weeks, but we have got our boy Duane laid once.

So, horny women DO EXIST on AFF!  It’s confirmed, this site is NOT a scam.

If you don’t believe me, get one of their cheapest packages here – AdultFriendFinder.


In this site’s case, it is nearly impossible to do anything unless you are a fully paid member.  However, once you are a fully paid member, you get to use a lot of fun options that will lead to your ultimate goal of meeting horny women for sex.  This isn’t the case with every adult dating site, and many are pure scams.  In this case, you have to whip out your wallet and buck up, but once you do, if you play your cards right, you can win with Adult Friend Finder dating.


Dan DaSilva is a self-claimed "adrenaline junkie" who likes the rush of dating because "each woman is a new challenge and adventure." He often provides commentary on PUA forums and shares his views on dating websites on this website.


  • Mark

    I use AFF and live in Florida. I can confirm that this site is 100% legit and I’ve met with over a dozen women that I initially connected with since getting an AFF login. This was the best decision in dating that I ever made.

    • Dan

      Thanks for the comment “Mark” – mentioning that you live in Florida adds credibility, would’ve been dubious otherwise.
      AFF is legitimate in the sense that you can talk to real people and potentially meet them, but you have to wade through SO MANY fake, absurdly named fraud accounts (what real woman names herself “HornyCumslutRoxy4498a2”??) with only one photo of a surprisingly gorgeous babe to find someone who MAY be real that it’s a waste of time. And now with almost all the women on cam doing for it for some type of pay (and the inane “Buzzmode” nonsense) as opposed to just the fun of it before, and the IM feature being swamped with the same type of bogus accounts – there’s just not much point. It wasn’t always this bad but it definitely is now (August 2019). AFF definitely needs to revamp their approach or it will go the way of the dinosaur.

      • Dan DaSilva

        Hey Dan,

        Thanks for stopping by. I can confirm that Mark’s IP address registers to Florida. I don’t know why that matters one way or another, perhaps he was just sharing location to compare notes. As you can probably agree, the talent pool won’t be as deep in say, Dubuque, Iowa, when compared to any Florida market.

        In terms of your experience, I do echo the fact that fake accounts exist. For me, it takes two seconds to wade through them and say “next.” It’s very easy, and assuming one can tolerate that, there are real horny women here that want to hook up. Thanks again for your visit.

    • Admin

      Hi Juan,

      Thanks for stopping by. There are some sites like AFF, that have the same “let’s meet and just get filthy” type of set-up. Fling, Snapsext, and UberHorny come to mind.

  • Gary

    I’ve met a few online but they want me to go to another site and put in credit card information so I can become verified before the sex. Has anyone else experienced this and was it legit or fake?

    • Dan DaSilva

      Hey Gary,

      Once you join a site, don’t ever go and join another based on contact from a member. That’s just some other online dating service trying to fish you into their site and start billing you. Unfortunately this happens at every site and platform, and it’s hard to control. Delete their messages and instead talk to the real people who don’t request asinine things like having you sign up somewhere else.

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